Posted by: iluvclouds | July 30, 2010

My Health Journey

Underwent my first surgical procedure 2 days ago 7-28-10.  Had a hysteroscopy, D&C and Novasure (endometrial ablation).  None of it was really surgery as no cutting or suturing was involved.  But I did undergo general anestesia, which I was very nervous about, but was really a piece of cake.  The reason for the procedure was to hopefully elliminate or at least diminish my monthly perids.  After turning 40 they had gotten heavier and longer.   I tried birth control pills and those heled, but was still miserable for a week.  Even though I am sure I am done having kida nad definately would rather not have to deal with the mess each month or having to remember to take my pill at the same time each day, I had some emotions when the procedure was acrually scheduled.  I mean, I have deliberately chosen to destroy the lining of my uterus, therefore even if I wanted to get pregnant I couldn’t or if I did there would be very serious risks.  I think part of my emotions and hesitation have been because one of my brother in law’s and his wife have had difficulty with getting pregant and have lost 2 sets of twins.  I offered to be a surrogate, but they declined.  I had such easy pregnancies and loved being pregnant, that the thought that it can never happen again and I can’t help someone out if I wanted to hurts.  But yet, I need to think of me and my quality of life.  I’m finding that is a hard thing for me to do.  In some ways I do think of myslef and try to take care of myself, but sometimes it just seems selfish and I have a hard time doing it.  I love getting massages and know it helps me, but also know that I should be stretching and xerciseing more so that I may nt need the massages as much.  But I do love my regualr massage therapist and it is more than jusy a massage session but also therapy for me.  When I went last week before my procedure, it was the first time that I actually cried, but I had so much emotions built up, it was a good relief (but of course I hate the puffy eyes afterwards).  So since I had the summer off and am expecting my first grandchild I thought this was a good time to get this taken care of.  If I am still having problems I will probably do a hyterectomy next summer.  My main job besides being a mother, housekeeper, etc, is being a part-time teacher for a homeschool group, so basically have the summers off, love it.  Was working for my church part-time for the past 10 years, but decided that I needed a break from that also and quit this past spring.  Although I miss the income and miss the people, the office and work has changed and I am glad I am not invovled anymore. Maybe one day, but not for now.

Another part of my health journey is my highly sensitive- C Reactive Protien which is high again this year.  I was able to get it down some, but it has returned.  Of all my labs this is the only one that is high, and most of the reasons for it being high do not pertain to me.  I am not overweight, I do not smoke, I do not drink, my cholesterol is fine, my blood sugar is fine.  So what is wrong.  Well I am supposed to be getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day (I am trying to do that, but still not very regualr as things get in the way and of course I get lazy), and eating more fruits and dark green leafy vegetables and less processed foods.  Was supposed to retest at the end of Sept (3 months), but I think I will wait until end of Oct as July was kind of a bad month with all this procedure and stress and everything.  We will see how I feel I am doing at the end of Sept.  want to get a good reading on the test.  If it is still high I may have to go on cholesterol drugs to lower it, even though my cholestrol is fine.


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