Posted by: iluvclouds | February 6, 2010

Women and Heart Disease

I know February is heart health month.  Lately there has been a lot of information out there about how different women’s symptoms of a heart attack are different from men’s.  The thing that has popped into my head is why has our risk increased so much and is so much more prevalent.  I believe it has to do with women in the workforce.  When women go out into the workforce their stressload increases, also they tend to eat out more and if not eating out more they are certainly relying on more convenience foods, and of course there is the exercise issue.  This not only increases their risk but also that of their families.  Next we’ll be hearing about how children are having heart attacks.  Last year at my physical I had a little surprise as my Reactive C protein test came back high.  At first I didn’t do much to reduce it.  Doctor said to cut out all soda, processed food, and of course get more exercise.  When retested there was not much difference.  After that I did some research and because of that I have cut out soda (although I have brought it back occasionally-as my stress has gone up this last month), I have lost the weight that I put back on after losing it 4 years ago.  It is not much, but enough to put me in that overweight catergory. I am now in a healthy BMI range, but would like to lose a little more, but it is a really slow process as I am a stress and boredom eater.  I will have my yearly exam in April so I have a few more months to get back on track, get off the soda again and processed foods.  I’m looking forward to quitting my job and getting back to a simpler life.  I plan to use a lot more of my backyard for a garden this year-maybe even taking out the grass.  Grass is nice to look at, but it is a lot of work for little reward.  Gardens are green and nice to look at and the have the added benefit of providing you with nutritious fresh food.  I will be getting ready to welcome my first grandchild into this world.  I loved being able to make clothes for my children when they were small and look forward to doing it for the grandchild (once we find out if it is a he or she).  I will be couponing more to help with the decreased income.  I have renewed my gym membership (last week and have not been yet-will need to put that on my schedule) as the weather out here has been a bit hit or miss.  I love walking out doors, but the weather needs to be right to do it comfortably.  I hate having to take the time to drive to and from the gym but it is nice to have the variety of things to do there without caring what the weather is like.


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