Posted by: iluvclouds | February 5, 2010


What a great day for doing a puzzle, rainy and don’t have anywhere to go or anything to do.  I love cartoon type puzzles that have a lot of things going on.  How do you do start?  I have to find the edge pieces first.  There are many methods to doing this.  Do you go through each piece one by one? Do you spread them all out?  Or do you search through them in the box? I search through the box.  Once it gets to where I’m not finding many and I have all the corners I sift through them and count how many times I search and don’t find any pieces.  If I find one I start the count over again.  I just did one and have one piece missing from the edge.  What do you do now?  Do you start the puzzle or search for the missing piece?  I usually start the puzzle.  Isn’t it funny that when you are busy looking for certain pieces you find other pieces just continue to pop up so I start making piles for them to do when I get through with my current section.  I wish I could do a puzzle without looking at the cover, but I usually end up looking.  I usually do 500 pieces.  The one I am doing now is 750, not a big puzzle so the pieces are small.  Don’t have the time and patience to do 1000 or more pieces.  Will occasionally do a 350 if I like the puzzle and don’t have a lot of time (can usually do it in a day or so).  What do you do what you have a big area of sky and it all looks the same?  I lay the pieces out and look at the edges in the puzzle and try to find the match from the ones on the table.


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