Posted by: iluvclouds | February 5, 2010

Musing about procrastination

Boy if feels good to get things done that I have put off.  But why do I put them off and procrastinate in the first place?  Would it not have the satisfaction that I get when I finally tackle these tough problems?  I could use some encouragement in this area.  Why do I put off things that I know I need to do, aren’t really that hard but require me to talk to others.  Do I fear that they will reject me, make fun of me, or not do what I need them to do?  I hate calling because I fear it will take a long time and lots of explanation on my part.  I hate leaving messages on answering machines because I never know if the person got the message because they never get back to me so I don’t call knowing that I may have to leave a message.  Them when finally do call I have to also apologize for being late.  I’ve also come to not like testing so much for the same reason.  And of course sometimes when you think you have the problem fixed and you don’t get the name of the person you talked to and have to call back and explain the whole situation again.  I need a step by step manual with lines for pertinent information so I have a trail.  Am I so independent that I hate having to go to someone else to solve a problem?


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