Posted by: iluvclouds | February 3, 2010


OK, so SIL found out he was going to be stationed in San Diego (2-4 hour drive from us, depending on traffic).  But of course there are some conditions.  He first has to go to welding school for 3 months in Connecticut.  Not bad news so far, but he can’t take his wife, not so good news.  So they are planning to drive across the country instead of flying.  At first they thought they would have to wait until after his welding school.  So they started planning the trip out here and trying to find out about housing in San Diego.  Well, long story short, they can’t come out until he is out of welding school (so June).  First thing they find out is military won’t let her fly in 3rd trimester (she will be 29 weeks by then), but then they find out it is OK for her to drive.  So we had a few days where everyone was concerned about them coming out here.  For a couple of days I was very excited as they would have been out here by mid-Feb.  She still has the option to come out here and then have him come when he finishes school.  But they will have to pay for that on their own (she won’t have orders) and won’t get housing, but that wouldn’t bother me as we would have her stay with us.  But I respect their decision as long as they know we have on open ticket and room for her if she gets too lonely out there.  Luckily we have computers and cell phones so are keeping in touch.  I am excited, but also know that the Navy could change their minds in 4 months (of course, I pray they won’t).  I was in the Air Force myself for 3 years and married to the Air Force for 12 years.  Coming back from overseas we had orders to Las Vegas (wasn’t too thrilled with that except it was closer to family), only to have them change it to Florida (had a great time their, but agian not very close to family).


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