Posted by: iluvclouds | February 3, 2010

Garden plans for the summer.

Moved into our house in spring 2004 and have had some sort of garden ever since.  Last year was probably my worst.  I got it started late (May-which is late for CA).  I also thought that since I have put amendments into the soil for the last few years that I didn’t need to do it this year.  Big mistake!  I went form 8 foot tomato plants the years before to about 2 feet this year.  Although my cherry tomatoes really took over spreading like wildfire, I had no time to tend to them so most just rotted on the vine.  Luckily I found a place where I can take my excess produce to be given to seniors and low income people.  Sometimes my family just doesn’t get the whole fresh veggies thing.  We have a tangelo tree, but we don’t like them because they are sour, and a lemon tree, which produces a lot.  So last week we picked 3 boxes of oranges and 1 box of lemons and took it to the center to be distributed.  Not sure of what I want to plant this year, but at least I know my excess produce won’t be wasted (I can’t just dump it on someone who may not want it either).  I need to get in there and get the weeds out this month (did it once last month, but the rains helped them grow agian).  I know I will do tomatoes again, and zucchini (have a great recipe for chocolate zucchini bread), have done corn, beans (although they usually don’t do very good-a critter got them one year and the other year I’d get a couple each week, which was not enough for the familiy).  Did watermelon and canatelope (good, but take up a lot of room).  Whatever I do I am looking forward to it.  Am actually thinking of taking out the small patches of grass so I can plant more things (maybe a whole lot of beans).  Just not sure if I will have the time so soon, still going through the transition of quitting.  Sunflowers and pumpkins are always fun to do, did it with my son one year to enter into the fair.  Corn is good too, olthough it is more prone to the hornworms.  Have learned alot about plants by teaching 7th grade general science.  I’d also like to plant some plants to get attrack some butterflies.  Have a bird bath and it is fun to watch the birds in it.  I am also excited because I have just ordered an outdoor time-lapse camera to put in the garden so I can make videos of the plants as they grow-sometimes they seem to grow so fast if I just had the patients to sit there and watch them.  Can’t promise more garden posts, but will do my best.


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