Posted by: iluvclouds | February 3, 2010

Church renovation

Well, the big project finally happened.  I work for/belong to a church that had to close the school and sell those buildings and land due to finance problems (long time problems from before I came there).  Truely miss the school.  Money from sale was to go to current church building (over 50 years old).  Years and years of planning (and spending a ton of money for architects and planners that we ended up firing because after 5 years we still were not anywhere near construction) and finally we got the sanctuary renevated.  Now it seems like the rest of the building is falling down around us (dealing with roof leak issues right now).  So glad the big project is finally done.  Lots of headaches and hassles, lots of extra time.  This is why I will never remodel the house while I live in it.  It always takes longer than expected, is not hassle than expected, and of course costs more than expected.  I can do without a diashwasher (actually have two of them right now, they just have to be reminded from time to time).  And of course I’d love a bigger bathroom with a garden spa tub, a steam shower, a closet large enough for our clothes.  At least I did not have to be in the middle of the constrution zone (offices are upstairs).


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