Posted by: iluvclouds | September 7, 2008


VBS (vacation Bible school) is done for the year.  SInce our children’s director needed help in administration of VBS, I stepped in to help this year.  We started in January (or February, I’m not sure which) in having an introductory meeting to choose our theme.  We had 3 to choose from and the funny thing is the one that they voted on was neither of our favorites (we each had a different one that we liked), but in the end of course it turned out to be the perfect one for us.  They chose God’s Big Backyard, which was teaching the kids about serving; serving their family, friends, neighbors, community and Jesus.  We all learned a lot and next years should go much smoother.  Of course we had hoped that more of the volunteers would really get excited and help with some of the prep and behind the scenes sort of stuff.  But at least they were all there during the week and really did their part well.  I think the kids really liked doing the crafts which were kind of like service projects.  Monday they decorated plastic bags and mixed up some cereal in them to serve their families breakfast the next morning.  Tuesday they made prayer chains to take home to remind them to serve their friends by praying for them.  Wednesday they made goody bags with crayons, a coloring book and snacks to give to the kids who come to our Laundry Love nights (we go to a local laundry mat twice a month and put quarters in the machines to help the families do laundry).  On Thursday night they made hleping hand grocery bags to take home and fill with non-perishable foods to be given to another church who has food give-aways every other week.  I was so amazed at the response to that one, we got so many bags back and they were absolutely brimming with food.  It was also really fun this year as we got the full sized dog costume and had someone dress up and do the songs with the kids.  We also had teens who did the puppets so we had skits for them each night (that was really difficult getting everybody there for rehearsals.)  All in all it was a wonderful week.  I even found out a few things myself.  I know I am a planner and like to figure out the problems that might happen and then try to solve them before they happen.  I am not very good at handling problems when they occur and I haven’t forseen them.  For example, Tuesday my husband comes and tells me that the trash wasn’t taken out Monday night (my husband was doing sound and light for VBS).  I hadn’t thought to tell the custodian that we would need it to be taken out each night.  So I hollered out to him when I saw him taking out the trash to let him know we needed his services each night that week to help us out.  We also had a few glitches with the snacks and allergies-not on my part I made sure the ones who were in charge of those with allergies knew what those allergies were, but by Thursday when our snack prep person had to call in sick and I did the snack prep I forgot to make a special snack for the little girl allergic to milk (we had cheese in the snack).  But the person in charge of her should have realized that and could have taken the cheese out or given her something different.  Luckily she lived next door and only had hives.  Poor girl was also the one that ate a bite of cheese pizza at the party on Sunday (OK, mind you it was a bit chaotic with all the kids in one room at the same time all wanting pizza and she is only 3.)   I don’t know if we should include preschool next year.  This year was better than last year in regards to the preschoolers because this year we had them separated into their own part of the church instead of mixed in with the older kids.  And with so many families having both older kids and preschoolers, it just goes hand in hand that the preschoolers would come so the parents could have that break.  Anyway we will definitely have more helpers in the preschool next year.


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