Posted by: iluvclouds | September 7, 2008

The homeless man and what God showed me

This is an incident that happened on the last day of VBS this year.  I was at the church early (by myself) to get set up for the big last night of VBS.  I had some things to get so I was unloading them into the kitchen when a homeless guy came around.  He asked to talk to a pastor, so since I was alone, I went inside locked the door and called both pastors.  Well neither of them were able to answer their phones, so I went to tell the man this and see if there was something I could do for him.  Mind you evangelism is not one of my gifts.  He seemed a bit distraught and said a couple of times that he was afraid.  I didn’t know if someone was after him or what.  But I had thought that he had been by before and he said that he had been here about 1 1/2 years ago and one of the pastors was really nice and had taken him to Starbucks and told him of a couple of recovery programs (one of the being the inhouse program of Dream House in downtown LA).  He also said something about being ready to go.  I remembered that one of the pastors was doing a Bible study at a local Starbucks that night.  So I gave the guy $10 and directions to the Starbucks even though the pastor would not be there for a couple of hours.  Well that brought the guy to tears and then he turned over the hat he had in his hand and gave me a pair of scissors saying he wouldn’t be needing those.  Well that kind of scared me and when he left I made sure all the doors were locked and prayed for someone to come by.  A little after that I went upstairs to look and make sure that the guy had left.  At that time I saw a big knife (about 9 inches) in the street.  I waited about 15 minutes and checked again, but this time the knife was gone, which scared me a little more although I did feel feel secure and safe locked in the church.  With all the chaos of VBS and the relief of it being over I didn’t have a chance to ask the pastor about the meeting until Sunday.  The guy did make it to the Bible study and the pstor stayed with him for a couple of hours after.  Turns out the guy was ready to commit suicide if he didn’t talk to a pastor that night.  He had tried to get ahold of his drug dealers earlier that day, but he couldn’t find them.  So the pastor had him call during the week if he was ready to go to the Dream Center.  When I came to church on Wednesday the pastor asked me what my schedule was like for the following day.  I had been ready to tell him I wasn’t planning on coming in since the other pastor was not going to be there and therefore I’d have no work to do, but something prompted me to just say “what do you want my schedule to be?”.  Turns out the guy had called and we would be taking him to the Dream Center the next day and the pastor asked me if I wanted to go along.  Well since I had been involved with his man’s journey I definitely wanted to be another part of it.  Unfortunately they did not have room, but put him on a waiting list.  We did find a bed for him at the Union Rescue Mission.  And we have not heard from him or from the Dream Center that I know of.  So we have lost track of him and I haven’t remembered to talk with the pastor and see if he actually made it into the program.  We had another homeless man that we took and he has been there for 4 years now and is doing great.  I’ll keep praying for him though.  But what God has taught me through this is that he wants me to be a part of what He is doing and not just doing stuff for him.  So now I am excited to be part of what God is doing there, even if I don’t know how it will turn out.  I know we touched that guys life and it was great to be a part of it, I just wish we could have done more.


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