Posted by: iluvclouds | September 7, 2008

Half-marathon training

OK, finally an update on my half-marathon training.  Until this weekend I was even doubting that I would actually go through with it.  I do not want to be embarrassed by not finishing or finishing badly.  I was worried because I have not been very good about my training during August (I’ve had a lot on my plate during the month if you have read my other posts you know what I’m talking about).  I signed up at the beginning of the season in May and the training sessions have been great.  I haven’t been doing all the things during the week, like the cross training, but I’ve made almost all the Saturday trainings, except during August.  I was even thinking about dropping out, especially when I looked at the training for Aug 16 was 2 hours (but I had to take care of my daughter anyhow), the following weekend the run was only 1 hour so I listened to the training messages which got me motivated, did a couple of runs around the block during the week (but was a little surprised that I was so out of breath so soon, but I was soon able to go longer) and did the Saturday run.  This Saturday was a little tougher, 2 1/2 hours, ugh.  But I did the track workout and other run during the week and prepped myself by having a good pasta dinner Friday night and having a bagel and banana for breakfast.  Did well on the run, ran about 10 miles.  I did turn around after about 1 hour 5 minutes after a bathroom break but kept running into others still running the other way so when someone I knew came along, I confessed that I turned around too early and went with her until it really was time to turn around.  Didn’t seem so bad turning around 10 minutes before I should until I added up that I was really cutting the run by 20 minutes.  Not good, and I did make it.  Had a lot of walk breaks, but this will be my first half-marathon, and we still have a few more weeks of training to go.  1 1/2 hours this week and then 3 hours the next.  After that I think we have a couple of shorter runs to taper off before the race.  But after making it the 2 1/2 hours without feeling too bad (had some ankle and hip flexor pain), I really believe I can make it, although I know I won’t be very pretty at the finish line (red faced and all sweaty).  Last week I did do a midweek trail run with a couple of the mentors and found out what I need to do on trails (and even street hills) to keep from getting shin splints like I did at camp (which will make next years camp all the better-will actaully plan on doing some trail runs there).  I really liked doing the hiking at camp and the trail run last week was really fun and challenging.  Makes me want to continue training during the winter season and sign up for the 1/2 marathon on Catalina Island (called the Buffalo run) which is mainly on trails in February.  Then instead of doing the Long Beach half-marathon next year I’d love to do the Big Bear half marathon (beginning of Sept), I can start getting acclimated to the altitude during camp and then stay with friends in Lake Arrowhead and do more training before the race.  The thing I like about half marathons is you get a medal for just finishing, even if you come in last (which I would not like to do, but I try to console myself that even if I were to finish last I am still leaps and bounds above those who never even have thought of entering).  I did a 5K soon after I started training and it was the innagural run of that race so I am looking forward to that becoming my annual spring race (I should do a lot better this year than I did last).  It would be fun to place in my age category and get a ribbon for that race.  I didn’t do too bad though, I was 6th in my age group, and did it in under 40 minutes (my goal was to do it in under 45 minutes).  I’d probably do more of the 5K’s but most races are done on Sunday’s and since I teach Sunday School at our church it is kind of hard to schedule those races in.  I think besides the training workbook and advice they give I really enjoy the yoga sessions after the Saturday runs, they really help work those muscles and make the run worth all the pain (in the yoga, the pain hurts so good).  I just found out that a friend I know runs too.  But she says she only runs about 3 miles and then her knees hurt so I think I will let her borrow my Chirunning book and maybe get her involved in the winter training and doing trail runs with me.  I think it has really helped me, I started out without the book and training and was having some knee pain.  I do have some hip flexor pain but I think that would be resolved if I would remember to stretch those muscles a couple of times each day instead of just on run days (that is when I remember to stretch).  Those muscles are shortened by all the sitting I do (like right now as I totally update my blog).  And plus I think I am using them more in my running like I am supposed to be doing.  My ankles are sore because I probably wasn’t quite so focused on Saturday at keeping my ankles loose.  I was trying to focus on my shoulders and arm swing (things the mentor told me to work on during the trail run).  I did get some body glide for my thighs as on the last long run I did at the end of July i chafed my thighs (unfortunately they still rub together-I was hoping by now they would not, but do to all the running-and therefore eating- I really haven’t been able to lose the weight I wanted to.) Oh well, I did get a good compliment the other day.  I went to give blood and my blood pressure was 104/68 which she asked if I normally run low.  I said I was training for a half marathon and she said that is why it is low and that is good because it shows I’m in good shape.  Anyway, hopefully I will blog  a few more times before I actually do my run and then also remember to do a blog after my run.


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