Posted by: iluvclouds | September 7, 2008

Forest Home Vacation

We had a great time at Forest Home (a Christian camp in the San Bernardino mountains). Our kids had been a couple of times with friends, so even though it was a bit pricey we went. We actually had the choice to either do this or go to Yosemite for a week. OK so at Yosemite we would have to choose where to stay, where to eat, and what to do, and we basically would have to do these things together (not that I mind spending time with the kids, but I also get tired of spending all my time with them since I do homeschool). At Forest Home they chose where we stay (although we do get a choice and have great insight from friends on where to request our cabin), they have a chef from a 4 star restaurant who prepares all healthy meals (even two dinners that are adults only-kind of date nights for the parents), and they have all sorts of activities (which you could chose not to do if you wished) for both the adults and the kids and free time also. So this year we chose Forest Home. It was awesome to say the least (I wish we could go back now, although we did book out trip for next year already). To sum it up, it was like a cruise in the woods. Since I got to celebrate my birthday there we chose to do the zip-line (flying 300 feet a couple of stories in the air hanging by a harness on the little wire). It was great, I had so much fun and a great way to celebrate. Next year we will be there on my birthday again and if they don’t add any other fun activities we will Polar Bear to celebrate. Polar bearing is when you get totally submerged in the creek (from head to toe) for 5 seconds. Doesn’t sound too hard, until you step into the creek and realize it is ice cold and makes your feet tingle (in a not so good way). They had awesome speakers who really touched me and confirmed what God has been speaking to me about. Oh see, there goes one of those brain farts (I forgot to write about VBS and the homeless man which happened in July.) Ok, got that done now I can continue. It was just beautiful up there. I had a great time getting up early and walking some of the trails, although I did end up with shin splints. They do an awesome program there. You have breakfast and then the kids go to their age groups and do activites and the parents have a program and studies to do as well, then you have lunch together and free time. Dinner is together, except for two nights and then they have en evening program for the family and then the kids do more activites while the adults have another program to go to. Most days are like that. One day they have a BBQ with family challenge games at the lake. They have horseback riding you can sign up for, or a cooking class (I did this and made a great raspberry and cracked pepper salad dressing), massages and pedicures for the ladies, photos with a photographer, a pool, miniature golf, a craft room, a carousal and playground , a challenge course, archery, zip line, and if you have a die-hard golfer they can go down the mountain and do 18 holes at the local golf course. The girls 13-18 can sign up to be CCA’s (child care assistants) who have their own programs but help in teaching the kids during the morning and babysit for the parents after the evening program. They also have a nursery for the little ones so parents can have some free time. All in all it is a fantastic program that is very well run. I can’t wait to go back next year. My husband even liked it and he is a total couch potato. There is no TV, no radio, no computer, it was great. I did come home and have to go through 289 emails and we still watch a lot of TV, but I am hoping to get that cut back now that school is back in session and we have a lot to do.  Another thing that totally blew my mind was the amount of people who come from all over.  There was a mother and her daughters that come there every year from Maine.  While they do have family out here to visit, it just amazed me that they would come all the way out here for camp.  There were also families who have many generations together there.  Some of the workers do a melodrama skit each night and my friend (who has gone for the last 8 years) said something about wondering who thought of the skits each year.  Well that night at the adult dinner, guess what, the author and director was sitting at the table with us.  It was such a neat time that God answered her little question like that.  The speaker that they had there for the night sessions was really good and he confirmed to me what God had been talking to me about-that it is not about what my purpose is, but what God is doing that he wants me to join him. I think it would be awesome one year to go and spend the summer there helping out.  Who knows????  Oh, I almost forgot to add some pictures.

Crystal clear creek

This was the view on the way up the trail to the mountain view pancake breakfast they had one morning.

Had to throw in a good cloud picture.  I love my digital SLR camera, but it is a bit bulky to take on the trails so only did it one day, but on that day guess what I saw.

Some animal tracks on the trails.

And even though the lake was manmade it was great.  They did have a fishing pond that they keep stocked.

They had fun games for the adults.

The kids showed what they had learned.

You can have anything from rustic and sharing cabins to bed and breakfast type accommodations.

If you want more information just google Forest Home Ministries.  I’m sure there are other camps out there just as good, but this one is close to us and now I have first-hand knowledge of how great the camp is.  They even have programs for jyst the kids, but for us the family camp was great fun.


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