Posted by: iluvclouds | September 7, 2008

Daughter #2’s stomach problems

OK, so last year around the end of June we ended up in the ER with severe stomach pains. Given the diagnosis of gastritis and things seemed to be OK. Fast forward to spring of this year and Tahnee has stomach pains off and on, nothing to land her in the ER until the end of June again. Well by this time I already had a Dr. appointment with a gastroentologist in July since I suspected it may be gallbladder related. So saw the specialist and he has us schedule an ultrasound to rule out gallstones (he doesn’t think this is the problem although it does run on my side of the family, my mom had hers out 3 yrs ago and my sister has had episodes). So we do the ultrasound and then even though the technician knows what it is we have to wait until we hear from her doctor what the diagnosis is. Well, turns out she has gallstones, at age 18, and definately not overweight. So we schedule an appointment with the surgeon and set the date for the surgery for August 15th. Thought this would be OK, since we had a camping trip scheduled for August 4-10. Well she has two more episodes before we leave, thought we may have to have it, but the surgeon wasn’t doing surgery that day due to covering for two other doctors. OK, we go to camp with a very restricted diet. We survive the week with only 1 episode thankfully. Come back and the Tuesday before surgery she has a really bad episode which seems to go on and on (they usually subside after about 30 minutes, but this time the pains kept coming back). So we go to the ER. I guess they didn’t think it was too serious because we knew what the problem was, but it was so hard to see her in such pain and they couldn’t give her anything until she had been seen by the doctor (about 3AM). Had another ultrasound at the ER and at least she did not have any stones blocking the ducts so we were sent home. The rest of the week was OK, as she really did not eat much in fear of having another attack. Friday couldn’t have come soon enough that week. Surgery went well and the doctor said she had small stone, so I am guessing that she actually passed a stone on Tuesday. Recovery was a little tough as the pain meds made her feel really weird, then she slept most of Sunday so Monday she was a bit dehydrated and therefore nauseous and so she was afraid to drink anything because she felt it would make her throw-up which she knew would really hurt. So after calling the doctor and rounding up the suppositories to ease the nausea (had to go to 3 pharmacies), I got her to drink some water a little at a time and she started to feel better. Boy is it hard to get anything done when you have to be there to make sure someone has a few sips every 10 minutes. Getting up was also a challenge and probably another reason she didn’t want to drink because she knew she would have to get up and go to the bathroom. By Tuesday night though she was doing a lot better and actually getting up and back to the couch by herself. By Friday she was OK to go to work (couldn’t ask for more time off). Had her post-op the following week and everything looks good. She is so happy to be able to eat her favorite foods again, pizza, peanut butter, ice cream. I am so glad she does not have anymore pain, although it did hurt to laugh for a few more weeks. I hope I don’t have any attacks, but I know if I do I’ll get an ultrasound immediately and get the surgery scheduled as soon as I can. At least I know someone who will be by my side and help me during my recovery. She has a little bit of twinges at the surgery sites (she had laproscopic so she just has 5 little scars), so I got her some Mederma to rub on and moisturize and fade the scars. The other good news for her is it seems like her hormones are settling down and her acne is getting better. It is a good thing that she decided not to go to school this semester. She is planning to go into the cosmotology program at a local community college for the spring.


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