Posted by: iluvclouds | March 31, 2008

Weightwatchers again

Well, I’ve started weight watchers again (this time seriously).   I was down to 133 but went back up and have not been successful at getting back into the program, so I’ve been sitting at around 141 for a while and would like to get back down to 133 or even as far as 128.  I’ve been going to the gum again 2 to 3 times a week and doing 60 minutes on the elliptical.  And have even started using some of the weight machines (would like to firm up the flab I have and will keep).  My daughter has made a goal for herself to lose about 10 to 15 pounds for her graduation in June so I have given her the materials and helped her get started.  Last week was our first week doing this (my motivation is to be better than her).  Well she lost 4.8 pounds and I dropped 2 (done that before but it then comes right back-hoping to keep it lost this time).  Did really well all week although I do weigh myself daily and was a bit discouraged through the week.  Saturday had pizza and while I only had 1 piece I did have 2 buttery garlic breads (paid for it that night with my heartburn).  Sunday I just kept going and ate cookies and bread and didn’t count points at all.  So I was happy to see the 2 pound loss today.  Didn’t go to the gym today (Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my days I am able to go), but I did start a running program (see my blog about half marathon).  Did some pampering and went grocery shopping.  Bought lots of fruits and veggies, now just have to make sure we eat them before they go bad.  I’ve decided I have to rotate the fruits I buy as they get tired of the same ones each week and they end up going bad.  Am having beef fajitas tonight.  I’ve just got to make sure to freeze the leftover meat.  Last time I didn’t and although it smelled OK in the bag, once I started cooking it, it was rank, and smelled up the whole house, it was so gross.  We usually don’t eat a lot of beef, mainly chicken.  But I want to upp my beef this week as I have signed up to give blood on Thursday.  I used to do it when the kids were in school, but have not done it since I started homeschooling (not enough hours in the day).  But it has come up in several conversations and I feel it is a little nudge for me to start doing it again.  I know I should, as I am O pos.  I will give blood this time and have them test me for apherisis.  I used to do that as well as the platelets are really needed for those who have cancer or leukemia.   Now I need to make my mammogram appointment and a general physical.  But for now I need to go get gas in my car and get a haircut.  I’ll check in next week with my progress.


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