Posted by: iluvclouds | February 6, 2008

Merging traffic

California drivers continually amaze me.  If you’ve ever been on the 91 West going to the 110 South, you know what a crazy onramp system is there.  There are 2 lanes that merge into an existing lane and then right after that you have another two lanes merging into that one lane from the 405 North.  Anyways I usually try to get into the lane as soon as I can, I hate those who wait until the very last minute and then kind of push their way into the lane.  This is about 6:30 PM, not peak traffic, but still pretty slow.  I get in and decide to let there be some space between me and the car in front so another driver can get in.  Does anyone want to get in?  Nooooo.  They want to get as far as they can and not let anyone behind them go in front of them if they get in the lane too soon and are slowed down by the traffic.   So going along with this white car to the side.  The car knows it has to merge, there are signs and arrows on the pavement.  So since the car shows no sign of moving into the lane (it has plenty of room) I go ahead and close the gap so he can’t get in.  What does he finally do?  Does he put on his turn signal and try to get in (I would have let him in)?   Nooooo.  He then speeds up so he can get a couple of cars ahead of me (basically pushing his way into the lane when the lane really ends).  I was so amazed when I went back to Colorado a couple of years ago.  Was on the freeway (2 lanes each side), had construction signs that said the right lane would be ending.  Amazing, as soon as they had the signs people moved into the left lane and even though the cones didn’t start to close off the lane for another mile or so, people stayed in that left lane.  Here most usually wait until the last minute.  I suppose I am guilty of that also.  Partly because sometimes CalTrans leaves their signs up after the construction has been completed and all the lanes really are open.  But also so that I don’t have to wait as every other Tom, Dick and Harry,  tries to get into the lane at the very end after I have already let cars go in front of me.



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