Posted by: iluvclouds | January 7, 2008

What a busy day at work today.

Not normally in on Monday’s but with having so much to do this month thought I’d go in.  Plus was hoping the electrician would be able to come out and fix the problem he sort of fixed two weeks ago.  I kind of feel responsible for the problem so I hoped to get it fixed before everyone else came to work on Tuesday.  I don’t work in your typical office.  I am the admin. assistant at a church, so Monday’s are our usual days off (Sunday is kind of a work day for us).  I had brought in a portable heater a couple of weeks ago and it fried a wire in our decade old building and I lost power in my office.  Electrician fixed it, but then I only had power in my office if the Pastor’s light was on.  Once the electrical work was done, I had to call the alarm company as that had gone out around the same time and didn’t know if it was related to the electrical problem or not.  While waiting I decided to try to dry out the carpet a bit (skylight leaks) and get some fans going to dry it out.  Now I just have to be there on Thursday and wait for the GE repair person to come and fix our oven that went out on us (think the keypad will have to be relaced).  I feel good now, two problems totally fixed, one on the way to being fixed and one scheduled to be fixed.  I’m also the bookkeeper so have lots to do in January.  Along with all the normal things I have to do, the pastor is doing a  leadership retreat this month and I will be one of the table coaches and help him ge everything organized too.  Busy, busy month.


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