Posted by: iluvclouds | January 5, 2008

Prayer Request for January

My prayer request for January as well as the year is to not spend so much time trying to figure out what God wants me to do and where, but to just do what God has me doing right here and now.  I know that seems kind of strange, but I received an email (a daily devotion type) that had a prayer that really struck me.  It was a simple prayer to be a blessing, to stop being selfish and asking to be blessed, and to see others as God would see them and do things He would do to bless them.  It kind of suggested that I may be missing opportunities to bless and be used by God because I am so focused on me and always seeking what God wants me to do.  A sort of confirmation of this was after church service last week, I had two people come up and say what a blessing I was.  Now I hadn’t done anything specifically for these people, but they recognized me as being part of the church staff and they were blessed by things we were doing there at church. So just think of the blessing I could be if I actually paid attention to others.  My life is not filled with tragedies or big trials that I have had to face like some of you.  I don’t always use the prayer request as my requests seem small and unworthy when compared to your needs and requests. Sometimes I even wondered if I am so weak that God doesn’t put those things in my life because I couldn’t handle them (you know He does not give us more that we can bare).  I now see that he has blessed me and is blessing me and not that I am weak.  So my prayer request is that I stop seeking God’s will in my life (it will work itself out anyhow and sometimes when we try to speed things up or change them to suit us it makes things messy and takes longer) and just start living the life God has for me right now and doing things to bless others.


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