Posted by: iluvclouds | January 5, 2008

New Pictures with my new camera

Our 21st anniversary was Nov 28 and I got my husband an iTouch ipod, and I got a Pentax digital SLR camera.

Wispy clouds

Here is a picture of some wispy clouds (don’t know the technical term-and really don’t care) in keeping with my I luvclouds theme.

clouds and trees

Here is a picture of clouds and trees.

sunset at signal hill

This is a sunset at Signal Hill.

I’m having a hard time taking photos like I would like to. I’ll be driving and see some great clouds, but when I get where I am going they have changed where they are or simply moved on. I’m not at the stage where I just want to stop the car take pictures (plus in most spots it is not a wise decision). Oh well, I guess I will just be satisfied with getting pictures when I can and just enjoying the scenery at other times.


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