Posted by: iluvclouds | July 6, 2007

My Daughter is driving me crazy

Sometimes I really hate trying to be thrifty and practical.  But I am this close to taking away my daughter’s cell phone (on our family plan that only costs her $10 a month), giving it to her homeschooled 12 year old brother who doesn’t go anywhere or call anyone, and making her spend $50 a month to get her own  phone and plan.  Last months excess calls cost her $50.  This month she switched to texting and is probably up about $15 by now on those charges (and believe me I will bill her for them).  She has invited this guy who she likes and want to go out with to our house tomorrow.  Well she planned it for lunch, but we have a birthday party to go to.  So I told her to call and change it to dinner, told her 10 minutes.  Left to go to Bible study and she was online to talk to him.  Came home and thought she had gone to bed.  She came back out and said she just got off the phone with him.  Asked her how long (and of course she was home and did she think of using our land line, nnnnnoooooo!!!!!!!), she said 34 minutes.  I lost it, I mean there is a bit of difference there between 10 minutes and 34 minutes, Helloooooo????? Did you not listen to me???  I am just so frustrated with her right now.  She lied on the 4th to go and meet him and now that we have said we want to meet him here at the house she thinks it gives her free rein to talk to him all night long.  I just want to strangle her.  I mean she just got out of a situation with a guy that she was obcessing about and now it seems like she is starting to obcess about this guy.  What is a mom to do?  I hve been on her side and reasoning with her dad that we can’t kick her out because she would never be able to afford living on her own right now, but after last night??????  And who benifits from all this??  The phone company, and the gas companies (he lives a couple of cities away).  The one thing we have right now, is that he says he is a Christian (we’ll see about that on Saturday).  Just had to get all this off my chest (still screaming about it this morning-only on the computer this time since she is at work).  But tonight, tonight we are going to have some talks and make some plans and rules, I am tired of all this nonsense.



  1. Wow, that would drive me crazy too.

    Hope you figure this out.

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