Posted by: iluvclouds | July 3, 2007

Juniour High Life Journal

I’ve decided to try to get the Junior High class at church to do a life journal. And since I am asking them to do it I thought I’d better do it as well so if they did have questions I can help them (I hope). So I will be using this as my devotional for now. Our youth pastor had a schedule to read the Bible in a year and created a small journal for them. I’ll be revising the journal a bit as the books are all in abreviations and I think the kids will have difficulty in finding the books or trying to figure out which one they are. I think God is asking me to step up and be there on a regular basis for the kids. My only problem with that is missing service, but it is really not that much of a problem since I can listen to the podcast later on that week. And since I am on staff again, I know everything that is going to happen (although when I do teach I usually don’t take the kids out until after worship and announcements. This Sunday went really well with them. I just want them to get used to reading the Bible and seeing what great things God has to teach them.


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