Posted by: iluvclouds | June 25, 2007

Revised Personal Calling Statement

I’ve done a bit of work on my personal calling statement and I think it is more what I am looking for and feels more “right”.

Biblical Purpose Statement

God is the center of my life. He had made me to be a Christian, a wife and a mother. I can see where He as been working in my life in the past and know that He has a plan for my future. I am growing in my faith and trust in Him and learning how to use the gifts and abilities He has given me to glorify His name.

Core Values

I value God’s sacrificial love-trusting God in situations that are beyond me and feeling His love as He accomplishes those things.

I value caring relationships-being able to love and bring joy to those I care about by knowing them well enough to know what they enjoy

I value dependability-being responsible and accountable so that others can trust me and depend on me in times of need

I value practicality-learning how to repair and care for things, living simply without a lot of useless clutter

I value helping others and doing meaningful work-it brings me joy to be able to help when that need may not even be seen by others, but they are affected by my caring

Mission Statement

My mission as a wife is supporting my husband in his career, respecting his decisions, and trusting in his leadership.  My mission as a homemeaker is maintaining, fixing, and beautifying our home, making it a safe and welcoming place to be in.  My mission as a mother is teaching and guiding my children to listen and follow God,  to pursue their own passions and loving them no matter what decisions they make and being there for them when they need it.  My mission as a Christian is to be more like Christ as I learn and grow in the way He has called me to be.

Vision Statement

I desire to help others find their purpose in life, to discover what God has called them to do.  I desire to be involved with women realizing their potential in an envirnment where they feel pampered, loved and valued.  I would love to travel and speak to, teach, and coach women to rediscover their passions and visions and to pursue those passions and visions.


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