Posted by: iluvclouds | June 18, 2007

Personal Calling Statement

I hve been working on my personal caling statement along with other leaders at our church with the help of our pastor.  This is still a rather rough draft as it doesn’t quite feel right yet.  But I thought I’d share it here.

Biblical Purpose Statement

God is the center of my life, I have a pesonal relationship with him and he has shown his love for me when he sacrificed his son.  I know and trust that He is working in my life.  I will always be growing in my faith and trust in Him, as he is showing me how to use my gifts and abilities to glorify His name.

Core Values

I value God’s sacrificial love-trusting God in situations that are beyond me and feeling His love as He accomplishes those things.

I value caring relationships-being able to love and  bring joy to those I care about by knowing them well enough to know what they enjoy

I value dependability-being responsible and accountable so that others can trust me and depend on me in times of need

I value practicality-learning how to repair and care for things, living simply without a lot of useless clutter

I value helping others and doing meaningful work-it brings me joy to be able to help when that need may not even be seen by others, but they are affected by my caring

Vision Statement

I desire to be a wife who supports her husband, is his best friend, who trusts and respects him.  To manage the household and make it a joyful and relaxing refuge at the end of the day.
I desire to be a mother who treasures her children and teaches then about the importance of good eating and exercise habits and models them to her children. A mother who guides her children as they learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus.  To be gentle and caring, yet strong and confident.  Helping them become mature, independent and confident young adults.
I desire to help others find their calling in life, to find the place that God wants them to be within the church.  I desire to be involved in women’s ministries, teaching and coaching women to focus on God and what He wants them to be.  I long to be part of a church that has so many activities for all ages that it is open 7 days a week, a place where families can have fun and seek God together and separately.



  1. Wow, that was written well! I couldn’t imagine how you are going to improve it.

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