Posted by: iluvclouds | June 14, 2007


Luckily I can post this on my blog as my family doesn’t go to it.  I have been planning to get my husband (for Father’s day the 17th and his birthday- the 28th) and my son (his birthday is the 17th) a Wii.  They know I have been thinking of getting the game system (my son has Playstation 2 and Nintendo DS) for the family and actually have about $80 from coins we have been saving all year.  I want it to be something we do as a family for fun and exercise.  I knew they were hard to find, but haven’t been overly active in trying to find it-figured if I didn’t get one by Sunday I’d just tell them what my plan was and leave it to my husband to seek it out.  But as I was going into Toy R Us yesterday (to get son a few presents), they had a sign saying they had the game consoles (everyone has been sold out the day they get them, it seems).  Sunday I went into Circuit City and the guy in front on me got the last one they had (he’d been to 5 stores that day looking for one-I actually would have gotten it if I had remembered where the store was located, I ended up at Best Buy first, then remembered where Circuit City was).  But he had three kids under the age of 10 and his wife was out of town (he probably needed it more than me anyhow so I didn’t get upset at that).  I was almost to the point to letting my husband know what I had planned when I went to Toys R Us, so glad I held out.  Tonight at the church coffee house we had a Wii bowling tournament.  It was so fun, I even bowled 200.  Of course my son still says he wants “Guitar Hero” for his PS 2 more than the Wii, but I know he will be happy I got the Wii.  He has several friends who have the Guitar Hero and I think he would get bored playing it by himself all the time (so now I just have to set up playdates for him to be able to play it with his buddies).


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