Posted by: iluvclouds | June 7, 2007

Who Am I In Christ?

I don’t need to look anywhere but to Christ as find out who I am.  Christ gave me life and is my reason to live because Christ set me free.  Fear cannot come near me when I have Christ in me.  God protects me and has chosen me to be holy and blameless.  Christ keeps me from evil thoughts.  With Christ I can overcome the worldly things that confront me.  With Christ’s help I can change my old ways and become a new person in Christ.  How I treat others is how I will be treated. God supplies all my needs and wants to me to glorify him in all I do.  Things I perceive as hard are easy when I rely on Christ to help me.  With Christ’s spirit living in me I can perform more than he did while on Earth because He is able to help me.  God created me to do His work, even before I knew Him.  I cannot help but be changed by accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior.  God’s light shines on me and I see His light shining through me.  My actions show that I am a Christian.  I am part of Christ’s family and will share His kingdom.  God chose me as his ambassador here on Earth, to overcome evil with Christ living in me.  I must show God’s compassion, kindness and patience to others so that they see God through me.  My purpose is to live out God’s will for me, but not because I have the knowledge and power to, but because he does.  Only with his power can I be strong, to endure this world and wait patiently for his return.  When I yield to God’s power and control the devil will flee.  My prize at the end of this Earthly race is heaven itself.  God’s love gives me power and wisdom-I need not be afraid or shy away from sharing the Word of God.  The life I live is a life for Christ who gave me life and He lives in me.



  1. Great post! I needed that today.

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