Posted by: iluvclouds | June 1, 2007

You just can’t win.

I can’t believe it, just when you think it is not your fault, the rules say it is. Our oldest daughter had a fender bender yesterday (actualy someone else ripped the bumper off her car.) But even though they hit her, she is at fault because she had the stop sign (she did stop and went when it was clear) and the other way didn’t (they are putting in lights because it is such a bad intersection to get across.) We’ve had a fender bender ourselves (a couple of years ago), and even though the person in front of us slowed down too fast, we were at fault for following too close. So I thought at least she was not doing the hitting she won’t be at fault, but nooooo. And get this the other driver and the passenger did not even have drivers licenses. And of course they did not get a ticket for that because out here the police won’t come unless there is an injury. They at least had proof of insurance (not that it does us any good.) So not only is her insurance high as it is, it will be going up, plus she will have to pay her deductible as well. Husband didn’t think it was that bad, but it is going to cost $2800 to fix, yikes. So just remember this rule in California-you are always at fault.


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