Posted by: iluvclouds | May 27, 2007

Turn signals

I’m not a California native, therefore it has taken me some time to learn some of the rules of the road out here. But I think I finally have this one figured out. When trying to get onto the freeway and you have your left blinker on (in other states this tells the other drivers that you want to merge into the next left lane), in CA it means “sure, go on ahead of me, even if you were behind me”, or “no, I don’t really want in that lane even though I am just getting onto the freeway and my lane is going to end soon or exit again.” In most areas if people see a car coming up the onramp they go ahead and move to the left and then back into the right when they can, but not in CA (of course most of the time there really is no room to move over.) And when you know a lane is ending (whether it is due to construction or a normal part of the road), instead of moving over into the next lane, it is OK and people even want you to go ahead as much as you can and cut into the line at the very last minute. I have a daughter who has had her liscense for a couple of years now and I really am impressed with how she drives (she obeys the speed limits.) A couple of weeks ago she and her sister went on a little road trip. Although she has been driving on the freeways for a while now she hasn’t really gone a long distance before. The one thing we told her was not to use the carpool lane. Why? Because she drives too slow for the carpool lane.



  1. Wow, sounds scary! I’m glad I live in the country.

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