Posted by: iluvclouds | May 26, 2007

New washer and dryer

Isn’t it funny how new appliances get us excited, even if it means more work for us. I finally bought a new washer and dryer the other day. I was good and did my reserch and went to Home Depot knowing which ones I wanted. Well I was not able to order them because they were out of the dryers. And no they didn’t have them in another store (found out they don’t keep any in stock, they get them directly from the manufacturer.) Called the store 2 days later (the eta date for new dryers-getting one directly off the assembly line I guess) and they didn’t have any that morning. At around 3:30 (the next available time I had open-well the time that I actually remembered to call) and they had 4, so I drove to the nerest store and had to wait for a clerk (of course). I did get one of those 4, although I wasn’t 100% until after they actually delivered them on Wednesday (that of course is another story-my new stove from last year, maybe I’ll post that story too). When I got home that night at 9:30 I had two calls from the sales lady who had first helped me and the one I talked to that morning who said they didn’t have any yet. She had called and said they has 36, then since she hadn’t heard from me she put one on hold when she checked a few minutes later and they had 32. I feel bad that she didn’t get the sale, but I was in a different town and didn’t have an hour to go and order it from her (plus I think if I would have done that they may have been out of them.) Now of course I am washing everything in the house (so much for the energy and water savings), I guess I’ll have to wait until laundry is back to normal next month to see if we are saying anything. Our old washer was about 15 years old and the cold water was barely trickling in and would also make this high pitched squeal. So lately I have been doing every on hot or warm so I wouldn’t hear that noise and it wouldn’t take forever. That is probably why our gas bill as been so high (not to mention it being winter.) I hope so.



  1. It’s always great to get new appliances! I remember when I bought my bag less vacuum cleaner. I was vacuuming every day just to see how much dirt I could get up!

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