Posted by: iluvclouds | May 26, 2007

New goal for the summer

Two years ago I decided I needed to do something serious about the few added pounds I have been carrying around. Mind you I really didn’t look overweight, but by the standards, I was, and I felt yucky. Mind you I have diet books and was enrolled in a program to help me lose weight. But every approach was a little defferent. One of the diets I tried was the South Beach Diet, I was even instramental in getting several of the couple at church on the program (even the pastor and his wife.) It did work, but I soon got tired of it and was the first to quit although the pastor still tried to push me on the diet whenever I saw him (which was often since I wroked at the church). I knew a lot about what I should be doing, but didn’t relly have a plan. I then took the plunge (which for somwone who isn’t very overweight) was a big deal, and joined Weight Watchers. I went every week, I would have to pay even if I missed a week so I made sure I went (who wants to throw money away). Amazingly it was just like when I had gestational diabetes. I followed the plan to a T and it worked. The problem was that you do lose slowly and it was getting expensive, so I set my goal weight in the higher rnge for my height and age. And guess what, even though I wanted to lose more after reaching goal and not having to pay, I have not been able to lose it. I have been good about maintaining though and have not had to pay for a meeting in over a year now. When I was talking to a friend it came out that I kept saying the things that I was doing wrong and the things I fialed at. She told me to focus on the positives and celebrate sucess. I know that was a lesson in Weight watchers, I had just forgotten it. So join me on my summer journey to lose 10 pounds.



  1. Good luck on your goal! You can do it!!!

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